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The 2017 SciArt Tweet Storm starts now

The 2017 SciArt Tweet Storm starts now

It's time for the 3rd annual #SciArt Tweet Storm!

From March 1-7, there's no better time to explore the SciArt ecology. 

The SciArt Tweet Storm was created by the Symbiartic team as a way to smash through the grimy windows of Twitter, and share art and imagery about science. It was a huge success in both 2015 and 2016, with over 29,000 and 22,000 tweets, respectively. It has been reported on in places like Nature, and io9, and many independent science communication blogs. 

Reading tweets featuring artwork about science - ranging from cartoons about viruses, to dramatic dinosaur reconstructions, to living bioart, to mathematically based drawings, and so much more - brings back a way of enjoying Twitter. You can take a break from the very important hate-reading on politics, and dip into the #sciart hashtag and discover something wonderful. It's guilt-free, like binge-watching David Attenborough documentaries.  

The artists who participate each come at the visual image of science differently. Follow them on Twitter, commission them, buy some prints (or scarves! or tattoos! or a custom Twitter avatar portrait!), check out their websites, and most of all, explore their work. Science communication is visual communication. Working with an artist to help explain your science, or illustrate your carefully crafted science blog post can yield delightful and fruitful collaborations.

Keep checking back here on the (amazing new) Symbiartic blog throughout the SciArt Tweet Storm. I'll be monitoring the hashtag's stats and sharing some of the wonderful work here on the blog, as well as retweeting from the Symbiartic account. If you're not familiar with how the #SciArt Tweet Storm works, we have the rules and some tips below. For press, feel free to use any of the images below in your stories, and you can email me at theflyingtrilobite on gmail for further information or interviews. 

Getting my wellies on. See you out in the Storm, peeps! 

How the #SciArt Tweet Storm (March 1-7) works:

  1. Tweet 3 pieces of your own #SciArt
  2. Retweet 5 pieces of #SciArt by other people
  3. Make sure to hashtag them with #SciArt

That's it! 

Here are some further tips: 

  • Go bananas: Post more than 3 pieces of your own work each day. Why not? 
  • The field is open: last year we saw works-in-progress, sketches, finished paintings, sculptures, glassworks, fabric-art, bioart, and so much more. Science encompasses all the coolest subjects in the universe so jump in there and share.
  • Use secondary hashtags: if you painted cool beetles, make sure the entomologists can find you! Look around for popular science-related hashtags that propel your fine work into the right audience. A few suggestions to get you started: #digitalhealth, #scied, #musesocial, #paleoart, 
  • Credit artists: If you're from a school, museum or institution and want to show off that amazing sciart installation in your foyer, just make sure you tag the tweet or somehow credit the artist. 
  • Keep it simple: A tweet with the the title of the work, the image, and a link to your online store or a blog post is fantastic. Don't forget the hashtag #SciArt! 
  • Reporters can join in: If you're a writer or site that interviews and shares #SciArt, go ahead and post those links! 
  • Dig into your back-catalogue: works being shared don't have to be new. Even if you shared them last year, chances are they're new to someone! 
  • Repeat tweet: the audience on Tuesday morning isn't the same as on Saturday afternoon. Go ahead and tweet your work a second time.


Here are links to the past years' stats and report cards (We will be importing these from Scientific American and re-posting them on symbiartic.com in future). 

If you are reporting on the Tweet Storm, feel free to use any of the images below in aid of your article. 

Remember to follow the Symbiartic team:

And watch the #SciArt hashtag!

More fuel on the Banksy identity fire

More fuel on the Banksy identity fire

Welcome to the New Symbiartic dot com!

Welcome to the New Symbiartic dot com!