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SciArt Scumble--November 2016

SciArt Scumble--November 2016

There's so much #SciArt out there to see, sometimes you just have to share a link list! This edition featuring sciart by Moiety Mouse.

Rainbow Rotifer . Credit: Moiety Mouse

Rainbow Rotifer. Credit: Moiety Mouse


This edition of the SciArt Scumble features the Rainbow Rotifer by artist Moiety Mouse, from her Sci Pride series. Have a look at her prints, stickers, clothing, "You are safe here" posters and more. Follow her on Twitter @MoietyMouse

This SciArt Scumble is the first after a ridiculously long hiatus from the Symbiartic blog. There's so much happening at the intersection of art + science, even a monthly link list can't capture it all, so here are a few things that have caught my eye lately.

Big old things


Mixed reality & code


  • Marvel Comics' and Takeda Pharmaceuticals have created a team of heroes with IBD to help inspire people diagnosed with the disease. For artist Kirbi Fagan @KirbiFagan, the project was also a personal one. Read more at The Mirror




Check out these artists, follow them on Twitter & Instagram, hire them to help you communicate science, buy their prints, and enjoy seeing science through all new eyes.

This marks Scumble # 32, though it's been a few years. If you'd like to look through past editions, you can find them here on Symbiartic, and even older editions on The Flying Trilobite

Pinch of Pigment: Ontario Ochre

Pinch of Pigment: Ontario Ochre

The Beauty of Skulls

The Beauty of Skulls