After 5.5 years as a blog on Scientific American, we're delighted to strike out on our own. Thank you for joining us! 

The #SciArt Tweet Storm has returned! March 1-7

The #SciArt Tweet Storm has returned! March 1-7


Hello from Symbiartic!

After a break the past couple of years, we're re-launching the annual SciArt Tweet Storm from March 1-7, and we'd love for you to participate! Starting right now, go, go!

Despite the healthy ecosystem of #sciart online, scientists, science communicators, editors and artists can have trouble finding and connecting to each other online. This event helps everyone's artwork rise up like a stormy tide and forge new connections.

And it’s hecka fun. Like a Twitter science festival for your eyeballs.

The basics: 

  • Post 3 of your own pieces of science-art per day. 

  • Retweet 5 from other people each day.

  • Use the #SciArt hashtag.

More tips:

  • Feel free to post more, a lot more than 3.

  • Post anything sciart-related: sketches, finished pieces, cartoons, fine art, bioart, paleoart, medical illustration, nature painting, you name it.

  • Works do not have to be new. Get out that back catalogue. If there's one thing I've learned about Twitter, it's that your old artwork is always new to someone.

  • Promote. By all means, promote your Patreon, online store or portfolio site. 

  • Schedule in advance. Twitter's free Tweetdeck platform is great for scheduling all of your own posts in advance.

  • Stories. If you write articles on the intersection of art + science, share your work with the hashtag!

  • Add more hashtags - do you create bioart? Paleoart? Add those tags too. And remember who you're targeting with your tweets. If you want to work with entomologists or astronomers, make sure you're using hashtags those communities are already engaged with.

  • If you’re not an artist, please tweet your favourites! Ask the artist questions! Enjoy the wonder of science, one image at a time.

In years' past, the Symbiartic crew launched the event from our blog at Scientific American, and it was subsequently featured in places like Nature, Gizmodo, and more. In its second year, I was able to track that the #SciArt hashtag that week had over 39 million timeline deliveries


We hope you’ll join us in tweeting up a storm of science-inspired art this week. And check back right here, at symbiartic.com throughout the week for a mix of classic posts and some new posts about the future of Symbiartic and what’s going on. Bwah-ha-ha!

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