After 5.5 years as a blog on Scientific American, we're delighted to strike out on our own. Thank you for joining us! 

Welcome to the SciArt Index

Welcome to the SciArt Index by Symbiartic!

Of the most frequently asked questions Glendon, Kalliopi, and Katie receive, "where can I find science artists?" has to be near the top of the list. So we're making a list! Or rather, the SciArt Index. 

This will be an ongoing project made possible by donations. We'll be announcing where you may donate soon. 

  • If you're looking artists who specialize in a particular branch of science, check here.
  • If you're looking for sciart in a particular art genre or medium, check here.  

We have over 700 artists listed on Twitter - we're trying to add as many as we can, with their basic public contact info: website, Twitter, Instagram, and online store. This isn't a portfolio site, (though we may consider adding artists' images in the future), but it's supposed to be like an old school dead tree phone book.

If you're an artist who would like to be listed, let us know and we'll try to add you as quickly as we can. Just remember, we're doing this for free (+ hopefully donations!), and we'll do out best to be speedy. Any complaints, send 'em to Glendon. Please email the following info in the format seen below to symbiartic.team on gmail, with the subject line SciArt Index.

In addition, please indicate:

  • Max of two art categories found on this page
  • Max of two science categories found on this page

The categories will help us to tag your listing and aid people in searches. Please follow the format as above (name, site, Twitter, Instagram, shop, plus 2 art genres and 2 scientific disciplines) so that your entry can be quickly pasted into the directory. The faster they can be added, the more useful the directory will become to editors, curators, bloggers, and journalists. 

*If we have listed you and you would like to be removed, of course we will do that too. 

*If you run a group blog, studio, or organization website, we would be happy to include you in the index as well. 

If you find the index useful, please let us know! 

SciArt Index - sorted by art